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The Amphibian Ark’s seed grant, offering $5,000 to recipients, is a competitive grant program designed to fund rescue projects for species that cannot be saved in the wild. These are start-up projects working with native amphibian species within range country that have been identified as ex situ rescue candidates through Amphibian Ark’s Conservation Needs Assessment process. Successful proposals will address one or more urgent amphibian conservation needs. The greatest need in growing amphibian conservation efforts is to assist cutting edge, promising, and innovative projects that in are need of seed money in order to build successful long-term programs that attract larger funding.   

Specifically, these proposals:

  • Focus on species whose threats cannot be mitigated in nature in time to prevent their extinction and who therefore require ex situ intervention to persist.
  • Work with species within their native range country.
  • Involve range-country biologists•adhere to recommended biosecurity standards for ex situ programs.
  • Link ex situ programs to in situ conservation.
  • Involve partnerships to maximize the likelihood of the program’s long-term sustainability.

Amphibians at Woodland Park Zoo
You’ll find a great diversity of amphibians in the zoo’s Day Exhibit, including endangered species that are part of Species Survival Plan breeding programs to help maintain genetic diversity in the face of population threats.


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