A project of Wildlife Survival Fund: Investing in endangered species before it’s too late.



Geographic Location

United States nationwide, with programs focused in south Florida, U.S. Forest Service East Region and Great Plains Region

Focal Species

Schaus’ swallowtail butterfly

IUCN Red List Status of Focal Species

Federally endangered (Schaus’ swallowtail) and other imperiled and federally listed taxa.

About the Project

The Butterfly Conservation Initiative is dedicated to the conservation of threatened, endangered and vulnerable North American butterflies and the habitats that sustain them, with a focus on recovery, research and education. The focus is on supporting organism research, building partnerships to advance conservation, and promoting public awareness and conservation literacy.

The Butterfly Conservation Initiative will highlight three specific initiatives:

  • Conservation and population monitoring of the federally endangered Schaus’ swallowtail butterfly
  • Collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service to create and distribute new regional educational brochures related to “Monarchs and Milkweeds” as well as collaboration with the National Wildlife Federation to disseminate the brochures in backyard wildlife habitat gardening toolkits that show readers how to attract butterflies by incorporating native plants into home landscapes
  • Collaboration on a new book related to butterfly conservation in North America.


Butterflies at Woodland Park Zoo
The zoo headstarts Oregon silverspot butterflies in a behind-the-scenes lab before releasing them into protected Northwest habitat to augment the wild population. 

To learn more:

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