Colobus Conservation, Ltd

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Geographic Location

Diani Beach, Kwale District, Kenya

Focal Species

Colobus monkey

IUCN Red List Status of Focal Species

Least concern (under review)

About the Project

Uniforms for local staff
Colobus Conservation is a not-for-profit company that works to support, promote and advocate forest conservation as the primary means of ensuring the long-term survival of the Angolan black and white colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and other primates on the South coast of Kenya, mainly in Diani.

The organization was established in 1996 after local residents in Diani became concerned by the impact of human development on the populations of Angolan black and white colobus monkey and other primate species in the area, especially due to a number of road accidents involving colobus monkeys. 

The objective of Colobus Conservation is two-fold; conservation work and animal welfare. The aim is to promote, in close cooperation with other organizations and local communities, the protection of the Coral Rag forest in Diani and re-forestation to secure a natural habitat for the Angolan colobus monkey and the long-term survival of the species. The preservation of the remaining population in Diani and primates wellbeing is ensured through the animal welfare program that involves animal rescue, treatment and rehabilitation. Colobus Conservation is the only organization in Diani that does this work and the only place in Kenya with a rehabilitation program for monkeys who have been kept in captivity.


Colobus Monkeys at Woodland Park Zoo

Look for black and white colobus monkeys in the zoo’s Tropical Rain Forest, where you’ll see the group spending time in the tree tops of their exhibit.


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