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Geographic Location

West-central Philippines: Cebu, Negros, Guimaras, Panay, Masbate and Ticao Islands, which collectively comprise the West Visayas Faunal Region

Focal Species

Visayan warty pig

IUCN Red List Status of Focal Species

Critically endangered

About the Project

Although not formally initiated until 1992, via a memorandum of agreement between the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Philippines) and the Zoological Society of San Diego, the Visayan Warty Pig Conservation Programme was conceived in the wake of a distribution-wide status survey in 1985 orchestrated by what is now called the Wild Pigs Specialist Group. This and subsequent surveys confirmed the species had been extirpated over at least 95-98% of its former range in the West Visayas Islands in the central Philippines, including at three of the six major islands (Cebu, Guimaras and Ticao) in which it formerly occurred, and therefore survived in small numbers on only three islands (Negros, Panay and Masbate, though the species is also almost certainly now extinct or functionally extinct in the latter). 

In line with these concerns and diverse other threats, properly structured conservation breeding programs were initiated for animals of both Negros and Panay origin, via establishment of two local wildlife rescue and breeding centers on Negros Island and Panay; opportunistic accessions of founders donated or confiscated from local owners and hunters; and establishment of new protected areas in selected, most critical areas via innovative means based on increased local community and other key stakeholders support and involvement. A similarly long-term objective of conducting reintroductions of captive-bred stocks in selected vacant habitats on both Panay and Negros Islands is also now underway. 


Visayan Warty Pigs at Woodland Park Zoo
Three female warty pigs can be found in the Elephant Forest area of the Tropical Asia biome.


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