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The dense tropical forests of Asia hold some of the world's most endangered species. Our Tropical Asia zone features the Trail of Vines, home to orangutans, siamangs and tapirs. Across the main loop path, the zone continues with Banyan Wilds, home to tigers, sloth bears, Asian small-clawed otters, and a variety of birds, all dependent on forests to survive. This unique part of the world has some of the most densely human populated cities as well as the last vestiges of wild habitats—a balancing act that is increasingly putting animals on the brink of extinction. See the amazing animals from Asia and discover how you can help protect them.

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Tigers and sloth bears return to Woodland Park Zoo

With the exciting return of tigers and sloth bears to Woodland Park Zoo, Banyan Wilds marks the transformation of the heart of the zoo into our most ambitious new exhibit project in nearly two decades.

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What Animals Will You See?

Malayan Tiger

Sloth Bear

Asian Small-clawed Otter



Malayan Tapir



Warty Pig