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Journey From the forest floor to the canopy

Explore the habitats of the Tropical Rain Forest. Tropical rain forests ring the middle of the planet and host an enormous diversity of plant and animal life. Our Tropical Rain Forest zone mimics the forests of both South America and Africa with outdoor exhibits including red ruffed lemurs, gorillas, colobus monkeys, and jaguars and an indoor Tropical Rain Forest dome including South American birds, ocelots, snakes, poison dart frogs, and many other fascinating animals.

Rain Forest Canopy

After finishing the outer loop featuring jaguars, gorillas and other primates, head into the indoor tropical forest building that takes you from the forest floor into the rain forest canopy. You will find yourself above the tops of dense green trees, with multiple species of free-flying birds dancing over head. This bird's eye view creates the feeling of being suspended 100 feet up in the rain forest canopy.

What Animals Will You See?


Ring Tailed Lemur

Red Ruffed Lemur



Poison Dart Frog

Golden Lion Tamarin


Saki Monkey


Yellow Anaconda

A colobus monkey's tail can measure 20-40 inches in length.



Colobus Monkey