YUS Conservation Area Endowment

Waterfall in the YUS CA

Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program (TKCP) embarked upon a campaign to establish the YUS Conservation Endowment. We are proud to report that Woodland Park Zoo and TKCP, working in partnership with Conservation International, were successful in raising a total of $2 million for the YUS Conservation Endowment, which will contribute to sustainable, long-term funding to support the local management of the YUS Conservation Area and protect this important tree kangaroo habitat in perpetuity! The endowment was established in 2012 and will start in 2013.

In the case of many protected areas around the globe, a lack of long-term funding leaves an area protected in name only. Without funds to enforce regulations or provide communities the incentives of conservation benefits, a protected area's conservation value can be lost due to encroachment, extraction and a return to hunting within boundaries. The YUS Conservation Endowment will provide partial operating costs in order to ensure the immense biodiversity of the YUS Conservation Area is protected into the future.



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