Addressing Health Services

Due to a lack of resources, transportation and the difficulty in traversing the rugged terrain in this remote area of Papua New Guinea, the people of YUS have been unable to access the health services which would otherwise be provided by PNG health services.

Healthy Village, Healthy Forest Project

In order to address this lack of access, TKCP has developed the Healthy Village, Healthy Forest Project. Under this project, TKCP partners with the PNG Medical Research Institute and the PNG District and Provincial Health Departments to provide trainings and medical treatment through TKCP-sponsored health patrols across YUS.

Vaccination Initiative

TKCP's health project is currently focused on a Vaccination Initiative, reducing the high rate of preventable disease in YUS through immunizing children (infant to 5-years).

Teptep Village aid post

Healthcare Workers and Village Birth Attendants

Doctors and healthcare professionals also provide training and supplies to the village healthcare workers, including training for Village Birth Attendants to make deliveries safer for women and babies, and community health workers for administration of vaccines.

By participating in patrols, local healthcare workers and volunteers gain better understanding of diagnosis and treatment as they work alongside the doctors in the villages.

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