Frequently Asked Questions


Where do we sleep and how much does it cost?

Overnighters will sleep in one of various space depending on the program selected or location chosen at the time of registration. Please see below for location descriptions. The price difference only applies for Overnight Adventures.

Note: Regardless of where you will be sleeping, your group will be sleeping on the floor, so we highly recommend sleeping pads!

Education Center
Fee: $46 per person
The Education Center, near the South Gate, is the building where Overnights have traditionally been held. It offers comfortable economy accommodations and allows for about 80 people to sleep in two large rooms under the same roof.

Fee: $51 per person
Our program space in Zoomazium, near the West Gate, offers the vibrant environment of an indoor nature play-space and can accommodate larger groups in one sleeping space (over 80 people). There are limited facilities inside the building, so large groups may visit a nearby restroom to prepare for bed.

North Picnic Shelter
Fee: $56
The North Picnic Shelter, located near the carousel provides a wooded setting within the zoo in which to set up camp. A covered area with picnic tables is available for meeting and dining space, however, participants will be sleeping in their own tents rain or shine. A large restroom is located nearby.

Education Tents
Fee: $56
Our two Education Tents are located near the West Gate, behind Zoomazium. These are large event tents with a floor and water-proof canvas sides used regularly for educational classes and camps in the summer. Restrooms are located nearby.

If you need more information on the two sleeping spaces please call the Registrar at 206.548.2424.

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Can we add more people?

If you are attending an Individuals and Small Group or a Scouts Adventure, you can add more people as long as there are spaces available through online registration.  You can also call the Group Registrar at 206.548.2424 to check space availability.

If you are in part of an organized group booking its own event, you must contact the Group Registrar at 206.548.2424 if your numbers go over your original estimates or after final payment to ensure we have enough staff available to accomodate your group.

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What animals will we see?

You will tour most exhibit areas of the zoo. There's no guarantee, however, on what we'll see while prowling on zoo grounds. As in the wild, animals may choose to remain hidden, or may be off exhibit for a number of reasons including noise level, weather and temperature. As a result, every Zoo Adventure is unique in the animals that are seen in exhibit areas. But if you're quiet, there's a greater chance you'll see lots of fantastic wild animals. During our exciting animal encounter, you will meet one of the zoo's small resident reptiles, such as a snake, tortoise or lizard. Animals available at the animal encounter are not guaranteed.

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What do we eat?

A pizza dinner with beverage will be provided for all Evening and Overnight participants. Zoomazium and Education Center Overnight participants will also enjoy a light breakfast of cereal, fruit, juice and coffee. Overnight participants in the North Picnic Shelter and Education Tents will enjoy a light breakfast of muffins, bagels, fruit salad, juice and coffee.

Please feel free to bring your own snacks to enjoy before bedtime. Special diets are the responsibility of individual program attendees.  Please note: breakfast selection may change without notice as we seek new options.

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What type of gear do we need to bring?

Don’t bring more than you can carry! 

All Participants Should Bring:

  • Clothing for inclement weather (our Adventure takes you outside, rain or shine or even snow)

  • Camera to capture special memories (ask Instructors where flash photos are permitted)

  • Good walking shoes

In Addition, all Overnighters Should Bring:

  • Sleeping bag, pillow, and sleeping pad (please note your group will be sleeping on the floor)

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Pajamas

  • A flashlight for use at bedtime (flashlight use will be limited while on zoo grounds. Where necessary we will provide your group with special red-lens flashlights.)

Living Wild! Overnight Participants Should Also Bring:

  • Tent with rainfly
  • Appropriate layers for evening program and sleeping outdoors.

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What is the Cancellation Policy?

Organized Groups: a minimum of three (3) weeks notice of cancellation is required for a credit or refund. Three (3) weeks notice is also required for a change of program date.

Small groups joining an established date: a minimum of three (3) weeks notice of cancellation is required for a credit or refund. Three (3) weeks notice is also required for a change of program dates.

For all groups:  Woodland Park Zoo reserves the right to cancel a program for any reason, including insufficient enrollment or weather.  Should this occur, a refund or credit would be issued.

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Other questions?

Please feel free to contact the Zoo Adventures Registrar with other questions at 206.548.2424 or send an email to group.registration@zoo.org.

All program details are subject to change without notice.


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If you cannot find the answers to your questions or need additional help please contact the Group Registrar at 206.548.2424 x2 or e-mail.


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