Master's program at Woodland Park Zoo

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Program Details


Enrollment is open to applicants with a Bachelor’s degree regardless of academic major or profession. The AIP is designed for K–12 teachers and a broad range of environmental and education professionals, and can be completed in 2 1/2 years taking classes part-time while working,


2014 applicants elect to enroll in either a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)* degree in the Biological Sciences or a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Biology (see program details). MA and MAT candidates go through the Advanced Inquiry Program together. Additionally, select courses at AIP Master Institutions may count toward the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) Professional Development Certificate Program (see FAQs for further information).

*This program is not intended to lead to educator certification. Educators are advised to contact their individual school districts as to whether this program may qualify for salary advancement.


21 credit hours at Woodland Park Zoo + 14 credit hours taken with AIP Master’s students nationwide via web-based learning communities. All 35 hours have a web component. Students also complete a Master’s portfolio. Up to 7 credit hours from an Earth Expeditions global field course ( may count toward the degree.

Sample Graduate Course Topics

  • Foundations of Inquiry
  • Zoo Expedition: Habitats, Adaptation & Evolution
  • Perspectives in Environment & Culture
  • Global Biomes
  • Engaging Communities in Conservation Solutions
  • Northwest Wildlife Conservation


Estimated Costs

Approximately $3,560/year for the cost of credit and administrative fees. Miami University offers substantially reduced fees for AIP courses. Under the current financial model, candidates who enroll this year will save more than $24,000 for out-of-state costs for the degree.

Annual Cost Estimate

The following information shows estimated costs for Year 1 in the AIP Master's Program.

Miami University (MU)
Web-based courses
Credit and Administrative Fees ($403 per 2-credit)

6 credits



Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ)
zoo-based courses 

WPZ course costs ($110 per credit) + MU credit and administrative fees ($214 per 1-credit and $592 per 3-credit course)

7 credits


Estimated total (Year 1)


13 credits

$1,296     $2,264      $3,560

Similar costs are expected for each year of the program, but prices are subject to change. Allow extra for miscellaneous costs such as textbooks, minimal tech fees, and travel to Woodland Park Zoo.


Accepted until February 28 for summer enrollment. Click here to apply.


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