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Scout Groups

What are Zoo Adventures for Scout Groups?

Zoo Adventures for Scout Groups are specific dates set aside for either Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts.  Multiple troops/packs will be booked for the same adventure to form a larger group of 22-75 participants. You will be eating and enjoying activities as a part of this larger group. In addition, all parties will sleep in the same area. Groups will be smaller for touring zoo grounds. 

Groups of 22 or more can register for their own date; see Zoo Adventures for Large Groups.

Ages and Adult Participants

All children must be at least 7 years old and must be accompanied by adults at a minimum 1:6 ratio of adults to youth. All participants (children and adults) must register in advance and pay the appropriate per person rate (listed below).

2016 Program

Groups may choose to participate in either the Stealthy Science: Research after Dark, A Zookeepers Life or Living Wild! programs. 

All Overnight Adventures include a light pizza dinner, a cereal and fruit breakfast, evening and morning guided programs, and zoo re-entry admission in the morning.

All Evening Adventures include a light pizza dinner and guided evening program. Prices are per person.


Overnight: 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Evening: 6:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

2016 Cost & Dates

Prices are per person and are the same for children and adults.


 Education Center


Overnight: $48
Evening: $38

Cub Scouts

- Stealthy Science programs are denoted below by SS
- Living WIld! programs denoted below by LW
- A Zookeepers LIfe programs denoted below by ZKL

Cub Scouts Spring 2016


Mar 18, Zoomazium, SS


Apr 29, Zoomazium, LW


May 20, Ed Center, ZKL


Cub Scouts Fall 2016


None Scheduled


Oct 1, Zoomazium, SS FULL


None scheduled

Having trouble registering online?  Click here to register by mail, fax or walk-in.

Girl Scouts

Dates noted are open to both Brownie and Junior troops

- Stealthy Science: Research After Dark denoted below by SS
- Living WIld! denoted below by LW
- A Zookeepers LIfe for Me denoted below by ZKL

Girl Scouts Spring 2016


Mar 4, Zoomazium, LW
Mar 12, Ed Center, ZKL


Apr 1, Zoomazium, LW   
Apr 15, Zoomazium, ZKL 


May 13, Zoomazium, SS  FULL
May 21, Zoomazium, LW FULL


Girl Scouts Summer 2016


Jun 4, Ed Center, SS FULL
Jun 11, Zoomazium, ZKL FULL
Jun 17, Ed Center, LW
Jun 24, Zoomazium, LW


Jul 9, Zoomazium, LW FULL
Jul 22, Zoomazuim, ZKL FULL


None scheduled


Girl Scouts Fall 2016 


Sep 9, Zoomazium, SS CANCELED
Sep 17, Zoomazium, ZKL 
Sep 30, Zoomazium, LW 


Oct 14, Zoomazium,ZKL 


None scheduled

 Having trouble registering online?  Click here to register by mail, fax or walk-in.


Girl Scouts

This is an affiliate program of Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Click here to meet the Zoo Adventures Staff


Looking for something other than Scout Group Zoo Adventures?

Large Groups

Small Groups


If you cannot find the answers to your questions or need additional help please contact the registrar for classes at 206.548.2424 x4 or by e-mail.