Working with Schools

Wild Wise: Coexisting with Carnivores

Wild Wise: Coexisting with Carnivores, a partnership between Woodland Park Zoo, Western Wildlife Outreach and Issaquah Middle School Life Sciences, offers middle school students a chance to develop science inquiry skills as they engage in investigations about carnivores in their community and how people can coexist safely with them.

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Wild Wise: Ready, Set, Discover

Wild Wise: Ready, Set, Discover, is a program piloted in the 2008-2009 school year, that engages elementary students in developing a deeper understanding of ecosystems and building skills in conducting scientific inquiry.  Ready, Set, Discover is a partnership program with 5th grade classes in Kent School District.

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Working with Communities

Oregon Spotted Frog

Amphibian Monitoring Program

Citizen scientists have joined the zoo and Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife to document native frog populations living in our local parks. The more we learn, the better we can protect the vanishing wetlands of Washington.

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Backyard Habitat Classes

Learn from experts from Seattle Audubon, Washington Native Plant Society, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, and Woodland Park Zoo about how to design your wildlife habitat, attract birds and other wildlife to your backyard, select and care for native plants, manage your backyard sustainably, and get your yard certified as a Backyard Habitat.

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