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Preschool Classes for Field Trips

Bring your young learners to the zoo for a fun-filled class including a guessing game with animal specimens and a short tour! Programs are 45 minutes to one hour long and available to kindergartens, preschools, daycare centers, and other groups of 10-18 children with one adult attending for every four children. Offered Sept.-April each year, please call for availability, 206-548-2424.


 Who am I?

Who Am I? Preschool & Kindergarten Classes

Fee:$10.25 per person, includes admission

Try to figure out which animals the pelts belong to and learn some fun   animal facts along the way. Then we'll take your group for a short zoo tour.

Choose from the following programs:
African Savanna
Tropical Rain Forest
Family Farm


Registration for preschool programs is done by mail or fax only. Telephone registrations are not accepted.

Payment must accompany registration.  Get your application in early! Three week advance notice is required for booking your program and zoo visit.

Download the registration form 



If you cannont find the answers to your questions or need additional help please contact the Group Registrar at 206-548-2424 or click here to send an email.