Asian Small Clawed Otter Adoption | $69

Special offer pricing expires October 31, 2014

Cheetah at Woodland Park Zoo

The Asian small-clawed otter may be the smallest species of otter in the world, but they still make a big splash! These high-energy swimmers are fast, flexible and can remain underwater for five minutes or longer. 

Adopt an Asian small-clawed otter and your support will fund the daily care and feeding of all the zoo inhabitants, and $5 will be donated directly to the zoo’s conservation efforts at home and around the world. 


Cheetah ZooParent adoption plush

Your adoption package includes:

  • Asian small-clawed otter plush

  • ZooParent adoption certificate

  • Animal fact sheet

  • Color photo of animal

  • ZooParent static cling

  • Online recognition for one year

Actual plush may vary


Or, upgrade your adoption to the $100 level and receive two one-time-use admission passes and your name on the ZooParent recognition sign in March 2015!

*Recognition sign is updated each March with the previous calendar year's donors.




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