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Thanks to the more than 15,750 community supporters who helped us sail past our $80 million campaign goal.  Together we raised $83.5 million! Wow!

Connecting you to the wonders of wildlife.  For 114 years, our zoo has sparked delight, discovery and unforgettable memories while teaching people about our interdependence with all living things. Today, families like yours depend on Woodland Park Zoo more than ever to connect to the wonders of nature. Where else can you get eye-to-eye with magnificent animals, learn about the critical landscapes that sustain their existence, and engage with communities around the globe working to protect them?

Creating more wonder, saving more wild. People who experience the wonders of the natural world are inspired to protect it. That's why every year we lead more than a million people on a journey that inspires a lifelong love of animals, makes science come alive, and gives people the tools to take conservation action. Our award-winning naturalistic exhibits immerse visitors in compelling species conservation stories and connect them to experts working with local communities to save animals and habitats in the wild.

You make it possible!  Woodland Park Zoo is your pathway to making a difference in the lives of children, families, animals and habitats. Together we can advance eight strategic campaign initiatives that will propel our 21st century zoo to achieve greater impact in the global dialogue on creating a sustainable world for animals and humans. We’ll engage more than a million people each year in this dialogue, and inspire them to leave a thriving natural world for all generations to enjoy and protect.


More Wonder More Wild consists of eight strategic campaign initiatives representing Woodland Park Zoo's significant commitment to save more wildlife and habitats, lead conservation education, and sustain our leadership among North American zoos. The forward-looking, $80 million effort encompasses a $70 million goal for capital and program improvements and a $10 million endowment goal. Our reach is incredibly broad - more than one million guests each year, including families, children, teachers, and students. Thus, the campaign will dramatically increase our impact and ability to engage communities in valuing and protecting the wonders of wildlife well into the future. 

The Asian Tropical Forest

People are the Conservation Solution

More than just expose people to rare animals, our award-winning, naturalistic exhibits raise awareness of the world’s most endangered animals, inspiring millions of people to learn, care and act. Your support will create a multi-species showcase of hands-on wildlife conservation experiences that enrich the lives of our Asian tigers, bears and elephants and empower our community to protect precious forests and the amazing creatures that depend on them.  Learn more…

Excellence in Animal Care and Health

From Asian cranes to zebras

This awesome, 365-days-a-year responsibility is the heart of what we do, matching passion with expertise to help animals thrive at our zoo and in the wild. Excellence in animal care and enrichment, the latest advances in nutrition, breeding and healthcare, medical technology and expertly trained staff are all essential to connect our million-plus visitors to the welfare of all wild animals and contribute to a healthier planet for people and wildlife.  Learn more…

Inspired Learning

Hands-on discovery

If we don’t act now to connect children to nature, who will care enough about wildlife and wild places to protect them in the future? With new school and community partnerships, our programs will connect more kids to nature, harness the power of nature to teach science and math, and reach new and diverse audiences. We will connect learners more directly to conservation action, strengthen our impact and share best practices.  Learn more…

Conservation in the Wild

Solutions that Work

If human activities continue to accelerate species decline, many of the world’s most iconic animals will not have a future in the wild. What stands between animal survival and extinction? We do. The zoo links the care of the endangered species in our naturalistic exhibits to the community-based conservation work our partners are achieving in the field. More wild animals and places can be saved if we work together.  Learn more…

Zoo Experience Project

Transforming a Day at the Zoo

This zoo is experiential learning at its best, more powerful than books or TV nature shows. Meeting visitors’needs in today’s experience economy requires best-in-class amenities and interactive experiences aligned with how contemporary children and adults learn. This mixed portfolio of visitor experience enhancements, innovative learning and interpretive programming, social action theory, technological advances and modern conveniences, will trans­form the way visitors engage with our zoo.  Learn more…

A New Home for Humboldt Penguins

And a New Front Door to the Zoo

Our new state-of-the-art, sustainably designed exhibit draws visitors directly into the heart of our mission. A stunning, naturalistic recreation of these enchanting, flightless birds’ desert coastal habitat, the exhibit’s up close and hands-on learning tools immerse people in nose-to-beak experiences while educating them about sustainable choices they can make right here, right now, to help save marine habitats.  Learn more…

The Sustainable Zoo

Walking our Talk

Our leadership in naturalistic exhibitry transformed zoos in the 1970s, and our investment in sustainable technologies will define the zoo of the future. Climate change impacts all wildlife and people. As stewards for the care of thousands of rare species and our historic built environment, our zoo models a more sustainable future for the Northwest community and for the species with which we share the planet. Support our quest to continue reducing our environmental footprint and be a national leader in green zoo technologies.  Learn more…

Our People

We Inspire Naturally

Excellence is our nature. Year round, hundreds of staff and volunteers serve as ambassadors for conservation, engaging more than one million visitors in saving animals and habitats through meaningful and memorable learning experiences. An elite team drives our national reputation as a top conservation zoo, a fact attested to by more than 40 awards we have earned. Strategic investments in our team will sustain our leading-edge expertise in animal welfare, education and conservation by cultivating innovative leadership and increasing our capacity to serve and inspire our community.  Learn more…

Campaign Endowment

 A Strong Foundation

A bright future is built on a strong foundation. Gifts to Woodland Park Zoo’s endowment honor your specific philanthropic interests and passions, while ensuring support for the zoo in perpetuity. Help build a healthy, long-term financial future for this cherished community institution.  Learn more…

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