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Discover The Asian Tropical Forest Initiative

Phase One is complete. Phase 2 opens in May 2015!


The Asian Tropical Forest Initiative envisions the most innovative combination of animal care, learning and conservation action programs Woodland Park Zoo has ever created.

A $15 million state-of-the-art, naturalistic tiger and sloth bear exhibit complex—the Banyan Wilds—is the centerpiece of the Asian Tropical Forest initiative. This two-acre complex will reside in the heart of the Tropical Asia biome at the zoo. When completed, the entire extreme makeover will double the size of the current tiger and sloth bear exhibits and, along with innovative immersion acoustics, other new animals, and biome improvements, will uphold the zoo’s national leadership in naturalistic exhibitry and animal care.

A full platform of integrated improvements includes:

  • A new, modernized interpretive program tailored to foster curiosity and discovery for learners of all ages;
  • New education technologies and conservation action programs incorporating the latest in interactive and up-close experiences;
  • A new partnership with a global leader in big cat conservation to save endangered Malayan tigers in the wild

Over the life of this extraordinary new complex, millions of visitors will learn how to share the forest and be inspired to take action to save the wild habitats and animals that are so integral to our web of life.

An Initiative of the More Wonder More Wild Campaign 

More Wonder More Wild consists of eight strategic campaign initiatives representing Woodland Park Zoo's significant commitment to save more wildlife and habitats, lead conservation education, and sustain our leadership among North American zoos. The forward-looking, $80 million effort encompasses a $70 million goal for capital and program improvements and a $10 million endowment goal. Our reach is incredibly broad - more than one million guests each year, including families, children, teachers, and students. Thus, the campaign will dramatically increase our impact and ability to engage communities in valuing and protecting the wonders of wildlife well into the future. 

Creating more wonder, saving more wild. People who experience the wonders of the natural world are inspired to protect it. That's why every year we lead more than a million people on a journey that inspires a lifelong love of animals, makes science come alive, and gives people the tools to take conservation action. Our award-winning naturalistic exhibits immerse visitors in compelling species conservation stories and connect them to experts working with local communities to save animals and habitats in the wild.



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