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Every day, issues are being considered at the federal, state and local level that affect the zoo, our conservation and education programs, and our ongoing effort to save wildlife and their habitats. We need your help to advocate for and support the zoo. 


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Photo Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo

Sign the statement of support and ask Seattle City Council to provide stable zoo and parks funding by supporting a park district!

Woodland Park Zoo has been without a source of major-maintenance funding since 2008, leaving incomplete many large projects needed to keep the zoo in tip-top shape. A few of these critical infrastructure projects include:

  • Structural seismic upgrades to the Northern Trail, Tropical Rain Forest exhibits, and education and commissary buildings.
  • Improvements to our drainage, water, irrigation, electrical, and mechanical systems.
  • Infrastructure investments to move the zoo further ahead in reaching sustainability goals and reducing its carbon footprint.

Seattle City Council is currently reviewing legislation proposed by Mayor Murray to provide $54 million in annual, major-maintenance funding for Seattle’s parks, including the Woodland Park Zoo. With this funding, the above projects can become a reality.

Sign the statement of support and tell councilmembers to vote YES to support the mayor’s proposal for a park district.


Recent Action Alerts


Keep Puget Sound Clean: Make it Hippo-Poo Free!

Woodland Park Zoo is asking the state legislature to help with its commitment to sustainability and resource management in the Puget Sound area. 

WPZ is requesting state capital funding for its priority sustainability project: reducing water waste from the zoo's hippo pool in the African Savanna exhibit. With an approximately $2 million state investment, completion of the hippo pool project would accomplish the following:

  • Use green technologies to save 6 million gallons of water annually—about 15 percent of the zoo’s total water use.
  • Reduce operating costs by $150,000 annually with the reduction in waste
  • Protect the Puget Sound from waste water runoff



Thanks for all your letters of support. Though this budget request has not been advanced, we are looking for alternative ways to continue the good work of reducing water use through sustainability measures. Stay tuned for more updates.

Support Cultural Access Washington

Photo courtesy of Somali Community Services Coalition

Take Action: Support Cultural Access Washington

Woodland Park Zoo is part of this coalition of business, non-profit, educational, labor and government leaders across the state working together to increase access to cultural experiences for all Washingtonians. State legislation is needed to give local governments the ability to create publicly funded Cultural Access funds. Funds would be used to enable students, families and individuals to attend, participate and experience cultural organizations, from arts organizations to zoos and aquariums. Learn more about Cultural Access Washington.

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