2015 Jungle Party Fund-Our-Future

Show Your Stripes: Cause an Uproar!

When you raise your paddle at Jungle Party, your gift helps more than 1.2 million annual zoo visitors to learn, care, and act to protect wildlife and wild places. This year, you can Show Your

Stripes and Cause an Uproar during Fund-Our-Future with a gift that saves wild tigers, brings even more people face-to-face with extraordinary wildlife and fosters empathy for all living things.

Your support of 2015 Fund-Our-Future helps your zoo:

  • Save Malaysia’s 350 remaining wild tigers through our tiger conservation projects
  • Provide world-class care and training to our tigers and sloth bears at the zoo
  • Acquire new outreach animals that connect kids and families to wildlife, build empathy, and foster lifelong stewardship of wildlife and habitats.

With your help, Woodland Park Zoo will continue saving tigers in Malaysia with Panthera, a global wild cat conservation organization, and other partners. Your gifts support monitoring core tiger populations and protecting this iconic species from poaching and habitat fragmentation, as well as providing education programs at the zoo that encourage millions of children and adults to learn how they can help save tigers.

As we save them in the wild, we celebrate the return of tigers to Seattle and the debut of Banyan Wilds, our newest exhibit at the heart of the zoo. Banyan Wilds provides unprecedented, up-close access to majestic Malayan tigers and endangered sloth bears—our star conservation ambassadors for summer 2015. Your Fund-Our-Future 2015 gift provides innovative and individualized health care, nutrition, and training for our tigers and bears.

While millions of guests enjoy every animal at the zoo, some kids can’t make it here. So we bring the zoo to them! When you Show Your Stripes and Cause an Uproar with your 2015 Fund-Our-Future gift, you help us house, acquire, and train a brand new collection of outreach animals that visit local schools, community centers and libraries, helping children across our region learn empathy and compassion for people, wildlife and wild places. We hope that you’re as excited as we are about Showing Your Stripes this Jungle Party. Together, we impact our community and our wild world in lasting ways. Let’s Cause an Uproar!


What does my money support?

At Woodland Park Zoo, our commitment to continued growth and development as one of the world’s finest zoos is grounded in our three pillars of animal care, education and conservation. All of the funds raised during Jungle Party aid the zoo in this mission. Your support goes towards:


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