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The New Heart of the Zoo


Tigers and sloth bears return to Woodland Park Zoo - Exhibit Open Now!

The forests of Asia teem with life: tigers slinking through grass to stalk prey, sloth bears slurping grubs from a log, great arguses pecking at the forest floor, Asian small-clawed otters diving for fish—and we are there too.

Let’s not forget that people share the forest: communities rely on forest resources, sometimes in harmony and sometimes in competition with wildlife.

BANYAN WILDS explores the diversity of Asia’s tropical forests and the crossroads we face as all of our needs come to a head. Discover how communities are learning to coexist with wildlife—and how our actions can make a difference all the way across the globe.


Watch the live tiger cam now!

The New Heart of the Zoo

Exhibit Highlights

With the exciting return of tigers and sloth bears to Woodland Park Zoo, Banyan Wilds marks the transformation of the heart of the zoo into our most ambitious new exhibit project in nearly two decades.  It is made possible through generous support of more than 1,250 individual, foundation and corporate donors.

Phase one opened in 2013 with the arrival of Asian small-clawed otters, an aviary of tropical Asian birds, and a Bamboo Play Space for kids.

The second and final phase opens May 2 bringing new additions to Banyan Wilds:

The New Heart of the Zoo

Face to face with sloth bears

Monolithic rock formations of Southern India bring you into the world of sloth bears, lounging on a log or searching for honey and insects. Woodland Park Zoo is home to two female sloth bears and a newly arrived male.

In the summer season, look for a daily opportunity to join a keeper for an interactive feeding demonstration where the bears slurp up treats over great lengths proving why they’re known as the vacuum cleaner of the Asian forest!

The New Heart of the Zoo

Inside a conservation field house

Look for signs of field biologists at work in the Field House, maps and tools-of-the-trade spread out. Audio, video and touch screen interactives turn this space into a conservation action center, bringing to life the stories of those who protect the forest, and inviting you to become part of the Show Your Stripes Team.

The New Heart of the Zoo

Caring for tigers

At a crossroads you come across a forest gate. Tire treads and wildlife tracks show this is an old gate used for logging and transport of forest products. Look for the daily summer program here where you’ll get up close to tigers as zookeepers work one-on-one with the animals to demonstrate how we care for these magnificent cats.

The New Heart of the Zoo

Forest at a crossroads

Through the crossroads is the Caretaker’s Place. Do you notice how this area feels more built up and has fewer trees? The development of forest into agricultural land is a serious threat to tigers. Here you’ll find a potted palm nursery and learn why Woodland Park Zoo supports certified sustainable palm oil that is deforestation free.

The New Heart of the Zoo

Get close, get wowed

In the realm of the tiger get ready to get wowed. Look for tigers cooling in a pool, pushing and scratching trees in search of a treat, or napping under the shade of a banyan tree. This incredible plant overtakes the host tree and bridges the divide between us and animal, creating an intimate space to connect where acoustic enhancements let you hear the tigers breathe deeply, purr and roar

Meet the Tigers

Banyan Wilds marks the return of tigers to Woodland Park Zoo, and the first time the Malayan tiger subspecies has been exhibited here.


Watch the live tiger cam now!

Welcome three tiger brothers, all born in 2013 at Little Rock Zoo, to the Woodland Park Zoo family:

The New Heart of the Zoo The New Heart of the Zoo The New Heart of the Zoo


(Indonesian origin meaning “first child”)

Favorite food:
Evaporated milk


Favorite Activity:
You’ll see Olan playing with his brothers; this rough-houser loves a good wrestling match and is sure to stick close to his best buds.



(Vietnamese origin meaning “sincere, honest, or genuine”)

Favorite food:
Hard boiled eggs are this tiger’s favorite!


Favorite Activity:
Liem loves the water and is most likely to take the plunge this summer.


(Thai origin meaning “great”)

Favorite food:
Eko is pretty into bones… gnawing, chewing and licking!


Favorite Activity:
You’ll find this king-of-the-hill up high on rocks or perches; he’s happiest with an extended view of the yard.  

Read the Malayan tiger fact sheet






Thanks to our More Wonder More Wild Donors

We’re roaring with thanks for the thousands of supporters who showed their stripes and helped us create Banyan Wilds, a stunning new home for Malyan tigers and Asian sloth bears at Woodland Park Zoo.


See the paw tiles on the Banyan Wilds tiger trail




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